Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Bees "Chicken Payback"

Right after returning to Seattle from Boston, my storage space was broken into. My entire CD and DVD collection (along with my guitar gear and DVD player and TV and a bunch of other stuff) was stolen. As crushed as I was I was wholly relieved when I discovered that NONE of my LPs had been touched. I supposed that the thieves thought the vinyl was worthless.

As time goes on it has become more and more apparent that ONE box of LPs was stolen. And that box contained the records that I used to DJ at the Bus Stop. Thankfully, back then I was mostly using CDs to DJ, having yet to realize that the only real exercise I'll ever get is by walking huge bags of records to sundry DJ appearances.

I had a promo 10" of this track by a British band called A Band Of Bees (they are only called Bees in the UK because people in the UK are far too busy to be bothered to pronounce all those extra words). A Band of Bees are a classic British band in the sense that they have like, 4 albums and a sound that goes down about as well in the US as a collaboration between Jay-Z and Linkin Park (oh wait that actually happened).

In any case, I'm wishing I had that 10" right now as this jam is a total keeper even if it is just a soul pastiche. The video is quite clever as well.

And the b-side had a goddamn Madlib remix (of course). But through the magic of the internet you can and listen to it without having to buy it out of the back of some meth head's van.

Download The Bees "Chicken Payback (Madlib Soul Distortion Vocal Remix)"

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